Contact Form

1) Copy/paste your work into the body of the message so I can have a quick look at it (no charge for that). 

2) Indicate what it is, exactly, that you expect. Some people want me to rewrite everything (that’s extreme editing, not proofreading). If you want me to find and correct all of those hidden typographic errors, you’ve come to the right place. 

3) I’ll respond with a word count, and a cost for the project. After you agree, I’ll have the work returned to you within 24 hours per thousand words. 

4) Payment - So far, the world is a happy place. No one has renegged on payment. So I do the work and then send you the bill, at which point you transfer the funds owing to me. I’ll keep it that way until someone stiffs me and destroys my faith in humanity.

5) Your work is private and confidential. Short of a court order, it will not be shared by me with anyone, period. So don’t ask for references or examples. I will not display your work, so don’t ask me to display the work of others. 

6) This has never happened but, if you hate my work, I will not expect payment. 

7) Give your Subject title something unique to separate it from everyone else’s submission. Your name with a hyphen and the title of your project is best.