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What is considered an emergency? 

Everyone in Victoria has their own idea. Company’s coming and your dog ate the pot roast?  Sorry, not our problem. 

However, here’s a list of things your Victoria handyman does handle for you that are real property emergencies:

- Major Water Leaks or Frozen Pipes

- No Running Water

- Toilet Plugged, and it’s the only one in the home

- Broken Door, Window, or Lock that you Cannot Secure

- Electrical Outage in part of the home

- No Heat in Winter

- No Air Conditioning in Extreme Heat Conditions

- Smoke Alarms or Carbon Monoxide Alarms keep going off

If you're a Victoria landlord, you’re legally required to provide a safe and habitable home. Many maintenance issues that affect habitability are a matter of law, and you’re required to fix things within three business days. Don’t put off making repairs that pertain to the property’s habitability. Cosmetic issues can usually wait, but if an appliance is not functioning or a leak is turning into a flood, you need to respond immediately.

You need a handyman.

We will respond to real emergencies and drop what we’re doing to accommodate you. 

Anything life threatening, or if your property is on fire, call 911. 

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