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Let your faithful Victoria handyman assist you with Spring and Fall maintenance and Gutter Cleaning.

As the leaves pile up and the weather gets colder in the Fall, your gutter may be freezing over and in need of immediate cleaning. If you’ve ignored your gutter cleaning in the past, you may discover tremendous (expensive) damage. Although gutter cleaning isn’t the most exciting home project, it’s the most important maintenance task, especially in Autumn (called the Fall because of all those lovely leaves). Gutters are designed to catch rainwater and funnel it away from the foundation. This can prevent a number of bad things, but without regular gutter cleaning, you are merely creating a new host of problems. Clogged gutters can lead to mold, decay, and nests of mosquitoes and other bugs, and who wants to deal with all that?

It's important that your gutters are functioning properly at all times, but especially so during the rainy winter season. The gutters on your home are designed to catch the rainwater that runs off your roof and distribute it away from your home´s foundation. In the fall, gutters quickly become clogged from the leaves and needles and cones falling from your trees. When debris collects in your gutters it impedes the water from draining properly and causes water to run over the edges which can lead to soffit rot and basement leaking and foundation problems.

When the temperature goes below freezing, you have ice buildup. Eventually, that leads to ice damming. As ice and snow melt off the roof, the water has nowhere to go except over the gutter and onto the sidewalk. The next thing you know, your sidewalk has become an ice rink. And as the ice expands it loosens the fasteners holding your gutters in place. 

Roof Damage - Gutters are intended to help water travel safely away from your home’s roof and other vital areas. When gutters become clogged, the excessive water needs to go somewhere. Ultimately, uncleaned gutters can cause roof damage and even leaks inside your home. This is one of the last problems that you want. Roof repair is very expensive.

Foundation Damage - This is one of the most common problems when you don’t clean gutters regularly. Downspouts help ensure water flow is staying away from the home’s foundation. When water is unable to flow properly through gutters, the blockage can cause water to pour over the gutters’ sides and onto the home’s foundation. Especially in heavy rainfall, this water will then pool around the foundation, which can cause cracks, mold growth, leaks, and other problem that you don’t want to contemplate.

Landscape Problems - Clogged gutters result in water overflowing onto your flowerbeds and landscaping. This overflow often occurs in a few concentrated areas, which results in a heavy downpour onto plants and flowers. Some plants can withstand this type of waterfall, but some greenery cannot survive the over-saturation or weight or the water.

Gutter cleaning should be scheduled in the spring and fall of every year. 

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